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Tomasz Knapik


This is my personal corner of the web where I share things that I want to share. It’s mine! I am planning to publish photography and write some personal blog posts here in the future.


  • I like taking photographs.
  • I like using Linux and I am a fan of open source and free software.
  • I work as a web developer at a web agency. My strongest skills are in Python and TypeScript. I work with Django and React a lot.
  • I have a software engineering degree (BSc hons) from Huddersfield.
  • I live in the UK, in Leeds. I originally come from Poland.
  • I try to stay away from social media and other addictive technology.
  • I like coffee. Moka pot is the best choice.
  • I sometimes have periods when I like to run and swim to stay fit.
  • My life is consumed by trying out different eating patterns. That is mainly motivated by health issues and a feeling that I don’t have enough energy.


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