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Tomasz Knapik

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My smartphone-less life

I’ve had Punkt MP02 since May.

I very quickly realised that I wanted to get rid of my iPhone with almost full certainty right even before I had MP02 in my hands! I’ve tried Android and iOS - both had been driving me nuts. Spent a lot of my time inside life wasting applications regardless of how I configured the device.

Fast forward 6 months later I have not owned a smartphone since.

My only communication devices are the Punkt MP02 and ThinkPad with Linux.

None of my fears about not owning a smartphone came true.


Calling became the new normal. I don’t text too much. Usually I can’t be bothered texting and call the person, or the person gets irritated with my short replies and calls me.

It was a massive change for me because I always hated calling. I feared making phone calls. Now I just prefer it!

The ugly about Punkt

It looks beautiful from the outside. The software is horrendous. The Signal client is unusable.

The case feels nice but is not very resistant to drops.