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Tomasz Knapik

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Running is a superb way to stay active because if you run far enough you have no other choice than to come back. You think you have a choice of walking back. When you actually contemplate it it always occurs to you that you may just as well run because it’s twice as fast and you are already far from home. You don’t want to eat dinner at 10pm. So you keep running even if you can’t be bothered to.

Most other activities you have a choice of stopping or continuing at any time.

  • You can leave a gym at any time.
  • You can leave a swimming pool at any time.
  • Etc.

Mapping the area

You try different routes for your runs.

When you run you will know everything in your local area and explore places you’d otherwise never venture into. You will be a more exciting person to go out with. You’ll know every hipster cafĂ© and kebab shop in the whole city. And you might even find an area that you might want to move into that you’d otherwise not know about.

Low effort to get out

Before your work is over or the first thing you do when you roll out of bed - put your spandex on. Do it subconsciously.

It’ll be easier to go out than to actually take it off. I mean, it would be plain stupidity to take it off. No amount of motivated reasoning will make you take it off.

Just go out.